Important Injury Updates On Clint Capela And Trae Young

With one preseason game remaining on the Hawks schedule, fans are getting restless about the status of Clint Capela. Last year, the big man led the NBA in rebounds per game. His post play was vital to the team's success against the New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

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What's even more impressive than Capela's rebounding is that he was able to play through so much Achilles pain. This past summer, Capela received a PRP injection to help heal the left Achilles injury he's battled for over a year. We've continued to get periodic updates, but time is running out for Capela to get action before the start of the regular season.

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Coach McMillan plans to treat Thursday night's game as a "dress rehearsal" for the start of the regular season. Today at practice, he provided some positive news on the rebounding machine.

While we would love for Capela to get time on the court before the start of the regular season, McMillan is doing the right thing by exercising caution with the center's Achilles. There is a reason why the Hawks signed Capela to a massive contract extension in the summer, and the team cannot afford for him to prolong his recovery because of rushing back too soon.

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Additionally, we got an update from Trae Young today on his right quad contusion. Although his injury isn't nearly as serious as Capela's, it's caused him to miss the previous two preseason games. Young told Sarah K. Spencer of >The Atlanta Journal-Constitution"It's a lot better. Still a little bruise-y feeling, but it's a bruise, it's something that's going to heal over time. It should feel better next couple days."

The Hawks host the Miami Heat on Thursday night in State Farm Arena. After completing the preseason, the team embarks on an 82-game journey which should result in another playoffs appearance. Remaining healthy is crucial to repeating the success they had last spring. Keep it locked in to as we continue to provide breaking news and analysis of your Atlanta Hawks.

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Young has 27 points and 15 assists, Hawks rout Heat


Young has 27 points and 15 assists, Hawks rout Heat