Killeen City Council Considers 3 Year Terms, $900 Monthly Pay Increase During Charter Review

In my opinion, Council: Boyd, Brown, Cobb, Gonzales, Nash-King, Wilikerson, Williams, should all be fired and stop this nonsense of voting by the whole lot of only 4 out of 7 that is running this city into the ground. Now days it is stated that 'in 1949 when the city charter too effect', well how was the city ran before 1949 because this city didn't just materialize in the year of 1949, so how was this city governed. I will wait on an answer but I don't expect I will get one because this city is pretty closed mouth about this city council and what it can do.

But Directing your attention to the foregoing list of 'Pay and Power Changes', you will notice that this is a pretty inclusive list of changes.

Directing employment for city employees.

Establish a public hearing whenever a fine or fee would be imposed.

Remove the city manager's ability to demand written charges.

Establish a special city council meeting whenever city council members are elected.

Increase city council members pay from $100.00 a month to $1,000.00 a month and the mayors pay from $200.00 per month to $1,500.00.

Now how about this list to be conducted every 2 years? I think it is a joke, but we are not laughing are we.

This past councilwoman Shirley Flemming stood before the council and said 'She thought this Killeen, Texas city council was over worked and she thought this city council should be paid accordingly.

Well, first off. 'what is accordingly'? If we take the pay that is now granted to the city council, I personally think it should be zero.

Lets look at what this council has done, and maybe previous councils:

Going back to 2012 when the city council was involved in the secret meeting in which city manager was fired, but given an overly large check which amounted to &750,000.00 which was over the contractual amount, and this city council never to this day said what the reasoning was. Then there was the recall of I think it was 3 or 4 of the council members which effectively shut down this city government until new council could be elected.

Then there was the fallacy of a vote of 2 county voters that was responsible for the new water plant on Stillhouse Hollow Lake in which it was proposed that a new water plant under the auspices of WCID-1 in which it was proposed that a 17 MGD plant be built to supply the cities of Copperas Cove, Killeen, Harker Heights, 439 WSC, and Bell County WCID-3. It was proposed that 10 MGD would be slated for Killeen and $30 million dollars was allocated with the other cities and water districts splitting the remainder, with Killeen putting $5 million 'upfront money' to get the project off the ground,

Shortly afterwards the city council came up with the suggestion that the Elevated Water Storage Vessel be increased from the present design of 1.0 million gallons to1.5 million gallons which was passed with not a vote on what it would cost, It took 8 long years to complete the project with an approximate 20 percent over the cost margin. After about 7 years, it was announced that the funding for the project had been exhausted, but no mention of the project completion was ever announced.

Along during that time, in 2020, it was announced that the Elevated Water Storage Vessel was resurrected and the money for that project was announced as a whopping $22 million dollar project along with 5 other projects including a waste water project. So that means that the city of Killeen. Texas paid $30 million plus a $6 million dollar overrun plus now the city of Killeen, Texas was saddled with an Elevated Water Storage Vessel, which had not even started yet of #22 million for an overall cost of $58 million for 10 MGD of which it is doubtful that they will ever see any large percentage of this Lake Stillhouse water,. So we in Killeen, Texas, are the purchasers of a $58 million dollar debt that the end users will be the Home Builders Association of County origin.

Now you tie that in with the Killeen. Texas municipal roads and were being neglected and kept getting less and less money and the council came up with a brainstorm that the sewer line was not being maintained and for the measly amount of only $1.70/month/water meter connection that could be remedied and they brought out a drawing showing that the city responsibility was for the main trunk line only and the home owner was responsible for the lateral connection and the remainder of the line. The city council voted a resounding affirmative vote on this measure so we are being charged a $0.50/month/water meter connection, something should have been doing all along. Next we have the inglorious 'Road Fee, something the city is supposed to be maintaining, our roads, but which they are back sliding on, and as a result, our roads are showing it. It all started about 5 years ago, the city budget cutting back on the funding of our city road maintenance. About 2 years ago, the city manager came up with another way we could get the citizen to pay for the road maintenance and that was impose another Fee that would be for the street and road maintenance and it would be for a paltry $1.70/month/water meter connection. Again the city council voted for this paltry sum. As time went by, the road maintenance went from $20 million, to $39 million, and with the turn of events during last yeast February freeze, it jumped to $120 million, with $20 million being attributed the freeze, so the city council, in conjunction with the city manager sought to 'bridge the gap' with a $10.00 road maintenance Fee/month/water meter connection plus a $24 million dollar Bond for which the money is to go ????? Nobody knows for sure, let me correct that, 'The majority of the citizens of Killeen does not know for sure where and to what extent the bond money is to be spent.

Now the people are asking the question, 'Why did our water payment go up so drastically'? This city council is 'Not getting the word out to the majority of people'.

So now we come up to the questions at hand as to 'what do you think of the job our city council is doing and do you think they deserve a raise of $100,00/month being elevated to $1,000.00/month and does the mayor deserve a hike from $200.00/month to $1,500.00/month'?

Well seeing as how this city council in a budgetary sense sought to give our police and Fire departments approximately 60 percent of the total budget and extended the water bill by voting a $8.30/month increase plus voted to put us behind the 8 ball by voting to award a $24 million dollar bond when they have continuously said that we are behind almost $120 million dollars in road maintenance, what good will it do to extend our water bill by $8,30/month and saddle us with a $24 million dollar bond issue when we are behind $120 million to repair our roads? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Then there is the latest fiasco, the 10 days of 'boil water followed by 30 days of increased high Chlorination which we have just finished. To my way of thinking. It just does not make sense that the residual Chlorine concentration would drop in such a dramatic fashion so as to be reduced to a level that would the institution of a boil water notice be in effect and last for 10 days, and then make it necessary to raise the Chlorine injection rate to a higher than normal rate for 3o consecutive days and subsequently waste to the ground 39 million gallons of treated water which we will have to pay for because as usual, the city is a non profit organization so their misuse of public funds, and I do contend that this water fiasco is a misuse of public funds for whenever you cover the mistakes of public employees, you get a misuse of public funds.

So, to my way of thinking, this council does not deserve a raise, but instead, deserves a kick in the pants. I therefore say no to the Amendment challenge and say no to the charter amendments including giving more power to the council, and no to the raise. Diminish the power of the council would be in order.

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