Shawn Johnson Says She Was Publicly Humiliated By TSA Over Breast Milk

A 12-year-old Tennessee boy died by suicide last week after he was bullied by classmates who teased him that he would go to hell because he was gay, according to his parents. Eli Fritchley (left), took his own life on November 28, was described by his parents as someone who wasn't afraid to be himself. 'He was peaceful,' his mother, Debbey Fritchley (seen right with Eli) of Shelbyville, who found her son's lifeless body in his bedroom on the Sunday before last, told WKRN-TV. 'He was a peaceful soul.' She said Eli, who attended Cascade Middle School (inset), played the trombone in a marching band, painted his fingernails, and liked to wear pink. He also wore the same SpongeBob sweater to class almost every day. Debbey Fritchley said that before his suicide, Eli did not give the impression that he took the bullying to

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